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Yorkshire Day 2012

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On the last Sunday of July or the first Sunday of August every alternate year, Millington village celebrates Yorkshire Day.  


Formerly known as Millington Parish Fair, in 1993 the Fair had a Produce Show, Exhibiton of Handicrafts and Floral Display, Children`s Craft and Baking Competitions, Pet Show, Children`s Sports, 5 a side Football and a Tug of War,

a Millington Wood Walk and an Evening Barbecue.    


Over the years some things have stayed the same, a few have changed, and on Sunday 30th July 1995

Tom`s Haymen,  "a treat not to be missed",  danced outside the Gate Inn at 12.30.


By 1998 (a year was missed), the Parish Fair was better known as Yorkshire Day:  the Millington Wood Walk gone,  but with the additions of a Hill Run, Treasure Hunt, Children`s Fancy Dress, and the Betty Clarke Village Tea - all long lasting events .........



IMGP2198 (611x800) IMGP0220 - Copy (640x480) yorks day hannah haukswell

Betty Clarke with

Hannah Hauxwell

at an early

Parish Fair

Contributions of photos and information:          

thank you to

Jerry Brandon (for many of the Haymen photos)

Margaret McDermot (for the earlier years photos)

Joy Hadley (for the 2014 photos)

& Moe Smith

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Yorkshire Day 2014

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around  Millington